Serverless UI - Introduction


What is Serverless UI?

Serverless UI is a free, open source command-line utility for quickly building and deploying serverless applications on AWS. Serverless UI supports a variety of features, such as deploy previews, custom domains and serverless functions.


  • Bring your own UI It does not matter if it is React, Vue, Svelte or JQuery. If it compiles down to static files, then it is supported.

  • Serverless Functions Your functions become endpoints, automatically. Serverless UI deploys each function in your /functions directory as a Node.js lambda behind a CDN and API Gateway for an optimal blend of performance and scalability.

  • Deploy Previews Automatically deploy each iteration of your application with a separate URL to continuously integrate and test with confidence.

  • Custom Domains Quickly configure a custom domain to take advantage of production deploys!

  • TypeScript Support Write your serverless functions in JavaScript or TypeScript. Either way, they will be bundled down extremely quickly and deployed as Node.js 14 lambdas.

  • Own your code Skip the 3rd Party services — get all of the benefits and security of a hosted AWS application, without going through a middleman. Deploy to a new AWS account, or an existing account and get up and running in five minutes!

Project Status

Serverless UI is still an early beta, missing features and bugs are to be expected! If you can stomach it, then Astro-built sites are production ready and several production websites built with Astro already exist in the wild. We will update this note once we get closer to a stable, v1.0 release.

Quick Start

# In order to deploy to AWS, you will have to configure your machine with local credentials. You will find the best instructions [here](

# Install the Serverless UI Command-Line Interface
npm install -g @serverlessui/cli

# Tell the Serverless UI where to find your website's static files.
sui deploy --dir="dist"